2008 : Patsy, Andréa J and Zénong at Loca Cola
Patsy, Zénong and Drag Queen Juanita ( Loca )
2008 Patsy wins Petarda's Price( Loca Cola )
PrinceG wins Guapa's Price / Patrick Loca Cola
2008 PrinceG, Zénong and Patsy
2008 Danax and AmaZone
2008 Robot Vic with nice specimen ( Orek's )
2008 Robot Vic at Sauna Sitges Espalter
Drag queen Juanita and..HHUMMMMM
2008 Miranda and Robot Vic in Sitges
Carnival 2008 Miranda and Robot Vic
2008 Calif and Diablo
2008 Calif and Diablo.. Surprise!!
2008 Zénong and Hélium
2008 Andrea and Prince G
2008 Prince G : Guapa's Price
2008 Hélium and Patsy.. Sisters??


Ginette Demonio Sylvia Dany Gladiator Zarly Maxy
2007 Chlorofyl, Maxy The Fool
2007 The Sisters : Sylvia and Ginette
Mary-Antoinet and her whole head
Sylvia Demonio Lulu and Marie-A
Demonio 2007
Sylvia and Dany 2007
Madam Ginette 2007
Zarly and Maxy 2007
Ginette and Gladiator 2007
SylviAzul and Demonio
The Reds 2007 at la LocaCola Bar
M-A Muuuuuummmm
Miss Ginette Latex 2007
Kisses and see you next year !!

Elphe,Lulu and Taurus at Loca Cola Bar
Taurus and Div at Parrot's Bar
Taurus, Elphe and Flor at Bacchus restaurant
Oliax, Fauno and la Vueda
AVDrag and Otaurus at Loca Cola
Maman as "Felina" at Loca Cola
Taurus at Parrot's Bar
Elphe at Mediterraneo Bar Disco
Fauno at Loca Cola Bar
Taurus XXL Bar Disco Award
Clochette at Parrot's Bar
Calif at Barcelona Paloma Dancing
Oliax at Loca Cola Bar
Azur at Loca Cola Bar
Oliax and Elphe for Patrick
Daemon at Loca Cola Bar
Joker at Loca Cola Bar